How to Attract The right Clients

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

One of the most asked questions, I get from beauty entrepreneurs is "What can I do to attract the right clients?

I could go on & on for hours about clientele building, & I will.  For this post a great place to start is unpacking how to attract the rightclients! We've all heard the old & very true saying all money ain't good money. In beauty that is definitely true. There is a huge difference in building your clientele & being strategic about building the right clientele for you. I am a huge advocate for niches & stress the importance of staying away from being a Jack, or Janes of all trades stylist, because when you do,  you are perceived as a master of none.We live in such a digital society.With the rise of the internet, & social media the way that stylist attract clients has completely changed. No one is thumbing through hair books anymore, they are  scrolling through Instagram. Not to mention the droves of people who feel qualified to do their own hair, because they have enrolled into the University of YouTube.

3 tips to help you attract the right clients

Polish up your profile: On social media your profile pictures, and handle are often your first point of contact for new, potential customers.  Your handle is the @soandso title. Make sure that yours clearly represents who you are, & what you do. If you are looking to attract professional business women, your profile name should not be @crunkandcurl or @badb99. Far too often stylist reach out to me asking for advice on building their clienteles, & when I visit their profiles I can immediately see why their business is slow. Choose your  profile name, & picture wisely.Stay away from words & phrases that could possibly turn off potential clients.Remember there are tons of options online for people to compare, and choose service their ideal service providers. If your goal is to build a clientele of consistent,  professional patrons focus more on standing out to them, for you professionalism & skill. Create a separate page for your alter ego @badb99 & cut up there if you must. 

Look like what you sell: It has been said for some time now that hairstylist spend all of their time making other people look their best, but never take the time to do their own hair. Don't be her! Make a genuine effort to represent your business and the services you offer by being your own walking billboard.I can't even count how many times I've run to my kids school, or to Target looking cute, & was complimented or approached by someone inquiring about my hair or outfit. It is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and invite potential customers to experience your services. People are often impressed by your ability to maintain your hair & your personal style. Serve up some confidence for potential clients you meet, it  may be  just what they need to take the next steps & book an appointment with you. I know, it can be a hassle trying  to always leave the house looking fab, and let's face it, it wont always happen. Sometimes you'll need to run to the drug store in Ugg boots, and sweats wit no make up & a baseball cap & all swill still be well with the world. But, it's important  to make an effort to go outthe majority of the timelooking like a beauty professional. 

Ask your current clients for referrals: Asking your current clients for referrals is one of the most under used opportunities to grow your clientele. Many stylists  are reluctant to ask their current clients to refer other people to them, because they don't want to seem like they are in need of customers, or that their businesses are struggling.If that's you.Stop It !  Your current clients already know and trust you, they are the perfect credible source to attract the right people to your business. Today consumers are far more likely to try people, places, and things that they've  heard someone they know has experienced. Just think about sites like Yelp, and even Amazon.I don't know about you, but for me a major decision maker and whether are not I purchase items is based on my scouring reviews to see what people who have already purchased an items experience was before I seal the deal. Recommendations are such a big deal that I decided to partner up with Amazon to make it easier for my clients, & followers to get their hands on some of the popular products and tools I use at my salon. Anyone interested can visit my personal Amazon store of  hand picked items that I've purchased, used & recommend.  Platforms like this prove that the power of recommendations still thrive.  

Gauge your clientele. The consistent, supportive clients are your golden ticket. They often want to see you win, and support your business growth in any way they can. The sweet spot is to make it a win, win situation for all parties involved. The best way to achieve this is by, implementing a referral program within your business. This will serve as an incentive for client to refer new client, and will help you by getting new faces in the place. You'll will need to clearly spell out the conditions of your referral  program to avoid any confusion, & to make sure that everyone has clear expectations of the part they will play.  I'd also suggest,  sharing the types of referrals you are looking for. If your goal is to build a clientele of the right type of clients, you don't want any ol' body hitting you up. 

I hope that polishing up your profile, looking like what you sell & asking your existing clients for a hand attracts more of the right clients to your business.Want to dig a little deeper into building your clientele?

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Enjoy & Implement,  new butts in seats are coming your way!

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