What I took away from the Trilogy Beauty Class

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

So much goodness happened during my weekend trip to Conyers, Georgia for the Trilogy Beauty Event. I’m having a hard time figuring out where to begin. If you're not familiar with the Trilogy Beauty Event, it was  a cut, color & branding class  taught by beauty industry giants

Nuk Jones, aka @stylesbynuk,Oluchi Zelda, aka  @oluchizelda,

Hullema Reddick ,aka  @hstylz

In this post I’m sharing my top 3 takeaways from the Trilogy Beauty Event .

#1 The importance of Collaboration over Competition in the Beauty Industry.

Beauty is a very competitive industry. The space is heavily populated and the ability to see other stylist's work, lifestyle, & following counts online only  amplifies the competition.

Many people, myself included,have slid down the slippery slope of comparing their regular lives to someone’s highlight reel online.

(Social media is a compilation of carefully curated moments chosen to paint the picture you want to tell)

So, it’s crazy and an extremely toxic habit to compare yourself to someone else online.

(But,yep we still do it ).

It is important to develop a healthy relationship with social media & take a step back when necessary  to avoid  low self esteem & even depression or self doubt.

It's also important to fully understanding that there in no shortage of clients, opportunities or money. Seeing the ladies energy and comradery warmed my heart & awakened a desire to be more intentional to collaborate with other women in my sphere.

When bosses link up, there is so much more opportunity for impact!

Contrary to what we've been fed, it is completely possible for more than a few people to win. This event reaffirmed my desire  to make sure that as I focus on my own growth & development, that I also  lift as I rise!

#2 It’s not the tools it’s the technique

In all the classes I’ve invested in , I’m always curious to see what are other stylist staple products and tools. It's a common curiosity. Some frequently asked questions on my video tutorials and post are what products or iron are you using?

Zelda, shared during her segment  that she was creating her custom cut using $8 beauty supply shears. She  realized after sharing  the-price of a high end pair of shears she was using  in a past class , that some people got the impression that the cut was dope because of the shears.

She wanted to make it a point to let people know that it’s not about the tool it’s the technique & she proved it . She killed that cut with shears under $10.

Hullema also shared how she’s created some of her most noteworthy looks with both inexpensive & premium priced irons & stressed the importance of knowing its not your tools its you technique.

She spoke in depth on unapologetically pricing her color services.

I attribute her confidence and fierce firmness to knowing that no matter what she's given to create her work, because she's mastered and continues to strengthen her technique she has no problem demanding what's she worth

#3 It’s so much bigger than hair!

“Nuk” who hosted the event at her salon 215 Elite, headed the branding segment of the class. Before she even began to share, it was clear  from the atmosphere of her salon that it’s so much bigger than beauty.

The salon’s decor was elegant & feminine.What caught my eye was her attention to detail. She branded the heck out of the event, and left no detail undone.

As a master stylist in her own right, Nuk talked very little about hair. She laid out a framework for growing  a business online and maximizing your earning aka (getting to the bag).

She shook up the room when she shared her the mission behind building her haircare brand @ECYAJ Hair Care . The business is going to be gifted to her daughter at the age of 18 she's 9 now!

Talk about LEGACY!

It solidified the idea that there is no limit to what you can be done when you're focused and willing to put in the work.

The Trilogy event was just part one of a two day event planned by Nuk. Day two was a networking mixer and after party called  the @DOITSCAREDEXPERIENCE.

My schedule didn't allow me to attend day two but, I can tell from the photos shared online that it was also an incredible event.

Continued Education is one of the most important parts to staying on top of your game in the beauty industry.

There are far more opportunities to access  education  than there once were. Take advantage of online platforms, one on one classes, &  in- person workshops.

A few of my favorite  online resources for sharpening my skills are.

Torregano Education Tribe MembershipNick Education Million Dollar Stylist 

Leveling up in beauty requires constant investments, but the payoff is priceless.

What classes, courses or resources are you utilizing to stay on top of your game?

Share your questions & thoughts on this post & beauty topics you'd like to learn more about in the comments.

Until Next Time, Big ol' Hug

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